“I want you to celebrate who you truly are”

We all want to be a bit better. We want to improve, we want to make changes and we want to move forward. But change is hard and it’s scary, so we wait. We place ourselves in a suspended time between now and then. In the waiting room between what we have and what we truly want. Imagining some distant future self has it all and dreaming of the day we can have it, until then existing here and waiting.

But what if we could have some of it right now? What if we could stop waiting to celebrate what is off in the distant future and focused on the present? What if we could celebrate who we are right now?

In our society there’s a tendency not to be too vocal about our achievements. We’re told no one likes a show off. We’re told “don't boast, don't be too big, don't brag” We’re told congratulating ourselves is arrogant. That you should play small and “don’t get too full of yourself.” So we keep it small and don’t acknowledge all the amazing things we do every single day. Our accomplishments go unnoticed and uncelebrated.

If this all sounds familiar, me too.

My self celebration started because something was off. I had a gorgeous life but I could never relax and enjoy it. My best life always seemed a long way off. Everything existed in a magical place in the future where I was content, fulfilled and happy. In the meantime I would carry on, feeling ok, but not brilliant. I was anxious, exhausted and frustrated which manifested in my relationships and my inner monologue.

I constantly sought approval from other people: family, friends, random strangers online. I outsourced everything in my life to other people who I told myself would know better what I should be doing to reach my happy place. For a long time I gave away my power by relying constantly on other people to congratulate me on anything I did. I was terrified of failure, of getting it wrong. I looked to other people to celebrate who I am.

IMG_3715 (1).jpg

So I waited and waited and waited. And then one day I got bored of waiting…

I got fed up and decided something needed to change. And it needed to happen right now. So I started celebrating. Quietly, I started to acknowledge my small victories, my tiny wins. At first it was very weird but I decided only I knew I was doing it so it wasn’t too embarrassing.

The most amazing thing was all those changes I’d wanted, all those things my future self did slowly started creeping closer. Changes started to appear because I wasn’t waiting anymore, I was doing it now.

I followed the breadcrumbs to develop a system of being that could encourage and support myself and now I want to show you how you can do the same.


Self-celebration has been the difference that makes all the difference…

I absolutely believe that we need to celebrate ourselves more.

We need to celebrate all the incredible little things we do every single day and who we are, right now. I call it self celebration. Being your own inner cheerleader and reminding yourself, you’re doing your best.

Everyday you achieve so much and self celebration is about acknowledging those things and celebrating them. It’s all about the tiny wins. The things you did well today. And you can do it anywhere at any time. Self celebration can be done standing in the queue in Superdrug congratulating yourself for remembering you needed cotton wool. It can be three deep breaths in the loo at work to remind yourself you’re doing your best. Because it’s your own personal celebration of yourself it can look however you want it to. You can’t get it wrong. As long as you’re getting behind yourself, you’re doing it.

I want you to be the best version of yourself, right now. Because there is no other time but now.

I want to eradicate that feeling of not being good enough, by you telling yourself you are enough.

Self-celebration isn’t about waiting until big massive changes have happened or transformations have occurred it’s about celebrating who you are right now because then change can happen.

Let’s put it in action…