“Sarah is true gem and an asset to any event”

SHARON MILLS, The Prince’s Trust

I absolutely believe that we need to celebrate ourselves more. We need to celebrate all the incredible little things we do every single day and who we are, right now. I call it self-celebration, which is being your own inner cheerleader and reminding yourself, you’re doing your best.

I have over 10 years experience of radio and tv presenting as well as hosting events. My of love people and communicating with an audience have naturally brought me to speaking with a style that is down to earth, relatable and always authentic. I use humour and create laugh out loud moments where necessary to create a relaxed, open and happy environment.

My willingness to share my own experiences and ongoing personal development with honesty and vulnerability makes me hugely relatable and able to strongly connect with an audience.

I want to share what I have learnt and make powerful, impactful experiences which audience members can action the moment they leave the room.

“She was the perfect panel guest and really inspired both us and our guests”

PR Team at Oliver Bonas


I am available for speaking and workshop gigs to enhance corporate wellbeing programs, media, PR and corporate events.

I'm passionate about sharing advice, insight, motivation and inspiration on how we can celebrate who we are. I want everyone to recognise how powerful their uniqueness is and through self celebrating increase their confidence and self esteem.

If you want to bring an impactful new perspective to your audience, whatever their age or background, that will challenge, inspire and delight please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Self- celebration: The Essentials

In this lecture style workshop I introduce the whole idea of self-celebration: what it is, why it’s important and how it works. You guests will leave with an action plan of uplifting tips which they can start using and following immediately.

Accepting and Learning About the Parts of Yourself You Don’t Like

We all have something we would love to change or improve and so many of us get stuck at the first hurdle, acceptance. Through this talk your guests will explore and navigate the bits of themselves that have been holding them back and leave empowered with self-celebration and the motivation to make changes they want.

Finding Your Thing

I found my thing, let’s talk about you finding yours. Self- celebrating all the way along.

Navigating the Changes You Want to Make

We all want to be a bit better. We want to improve, we want to make changes and we want to move forward. But change is hard and it’s scary, so we wait. This talk gives tips and advice on how to support your guests through the shifts and how to practice self- celebration when it’s a tricky time.

In the Now All the Time

This is an inspiring session on how to not worry about the future and leave the past to create the life you want here in present. Self- celebration is rooted in existing in the present and really honouring who we are right now. I want your guests to leave with this important message and also how to action it.

I am open, and very happy to, create bespoke talks and workshops absolutely focussed on your specific needs and the message you need your audience to walk away with.

If you have an idea of what you'd like to communicate to your audience please don't hesitate to contact me.

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