We have had self-love.

We have had self-care.

Now it’s time for Self-Celebration.


  • It is celebrating who you are right now: not your future self and not the person you wish you were

  • Accepting and learning to love the parts of yourself you don’t like

  • Supporting you in any changes you want to make to your life

  • Working out what you love to do and doing it more

  • Your own personal celebration of yourself, as private as you like

  • A support tool for you to have with you at all times

  • A secret weapon to cheer you on


  • A loud, attention seeking declaration of how amazing you are

  • Proving you are better than someone else

  • Bragging

  • Being narcissistic, arrogant or mean

  • An excuse to do nothing/ not to try

  • Proving your worth to anyone else

  • Falsely celebrating e.g. Drinking a bottle of wine every night because you hate your job

With life more overwhelming than ever and inspirational Pinterest quotes doing only some of the work, it has never been more important to recognise yourself as you are, right now. To be grateful, to celebrate your individual story and applaud how far you’ve come.

Consistently we face the pressures of striving for ‘new/next/better’ and yet we don’t take the time to truly honour that today is where it’s at and all we have is right now. Self Celebration directly tackles this.

Self Celebration is celebrating the person you are now; not your future self or not the person you wish you could be.

It is about accepting, encouraging and empowering yourself in this moment. And you can celebrate who you are, anytime or any place and for any reason.

It is not bragging. It is not for anyone else. It is your own personal celebration of who you are and it can look however you want it to. Self-Celebration opens up the potential for what we allow ourselves to honour and therefore how we experience our lives.

Through my deeply connecting daily content as well as the techniques and methods shared in my workshops and in connection with my bespoke, unique and meaningful ceremonies, I support people in the change they are making by acknowledging the power of their present and today.

My bespoke ceremonies can recognise any occasion and mark any moment. Whether you are starting a brand new part of your life, been through something and come out of the other side or maybe you know someone else who really needs celebrating, there is a ceremony to fit.

Let’s self-celebrate. Let’s become deeply connected in our lives. Let’s make the difference that makes all the difference. And let’s have a good time while we do it.