Most of us exist in a world of “I’ll be happy when I... get that job/ move house/ write my book/ lose weight/ earn more money…”

We place ourselves in a metaphorical waiting room, dreaming of the future and missing what is happening now. I believe the antidote is celebration and we have never needed to celebrate ourselves more.

Self celebration acknowledges, supports and celebrates who you are right now. It bypasses the modern day pressure to have more and be better and instead offers a quiet and brilliant support tool in your back pocket at all times, cheering you on.

And you can start doing it, right now.



Meet Sarah

We spend so much of our lives not celebrating how brilliant we are. We imagine some distant future self has it all and dream of getting there. I support people by acknowledging the power of their present and today


Why Self Celebrate?

We have never needed to celebrate who we are more. But this is not bragging, it is not for anyone else and it can look however you want it to… so what is it and why is it so important?


Book Sarah

We have had self-love, we have had self-care and now it’s time for Self-Celebration. Let me bring a metaphorical glitter bomb to your event with one of my unforgettable talks or workshops

“Sarah is like a rainbow you can touch”

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