“I’m not saying it’s going to be the best night of your life, but it could be…”

What is Celebrate Yourself LIVE?

The live interaction experience of self-celebration with shiny gorgeous people, mirror balls, cocktails and you!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to host a live event to celebrate you

When I first launched Celebrate Yourself I always knew I wanted to throw a party…

A night where you could come just as you are and take an evening for yourself.

To remind you how fabulous you are and that what ever life looks like, you’re doing your best.

A little behind the curtain celebration with gorgeous like minded people, lovely drinks and a whole load of self-celebration!

So Celebrate Yourself LIVE! is here!

I want to you to come to an evening of happiness, self-love, celebration, mirror balls and cocktails.

I want you to have a small escape from every day life and your routine.

I want to spoil you and make you a VIP for the night.

I want to leave with full heart, some gram worthy pictures and a whole toolkit for how to celebrate yourself.

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Celebrate Yourself LIVE! is an evening of self- love and wellbeing but without yoga mats and green juice

Celebrate Yourself LIVE! is an evening of fabulous fun, lovely people and learning all about self-celebration: what it is and how you can start doing it immediately.

Over the course Celebrate Yourself LIVE! you will…

  • Get a guide to the essentials of self-celebration

  • Dispel the myths that are blocking your way to celebrate yourself (this is not bragging)

  • See how self-celebration can work in your life even if you are busy, tired, feeling a bit fed up or all of the above

  • Work out what your personal self-celebration practice looks like – what to do, when and how

  • Activate self-celebration immediately and start using it right now without confusion or doubt

  • Learn how to celebrate yourself even if self-care and kindness feel like too much of stretch for you

  • Feel like you can be a little bolder and a little braver more often

  • Meet lovely, likeminded people in an inclusive and supportive environment

  • Have a few gorgeous drinks (included in your ticket price) alcoholic or booze free!

  • Get a little bit spoilt and feel like a VIP for the night

  • Take some time out for YOU to have some fun and celebrate yourself!

This is an evening of self-acceptance and self-celebration and if you are worried about coming on your own, please don’t be. I want to create a completely inclusive space for everyone and you would be most welcome to come alone!

For details of all future Celebrate Yourself LIVE! events please subscribe to my excellent newsletter below!


Come on your own, come with a friend, bring the whole office

I have learnt to be kinder to myself and now I want the same for you

Do you find it really hard to be kind to yourself?

Do you find the mean voice in your head has become a bit too noisy?

Do you think self-love is for other people and not you?

If so, me too! And believe me you are not alone. So I have created an evening for you and I to celebrate exactly who we are right now

Self-celebration acknowledges, supports and celebrates who you are right now. It bypasses the modern day pressure to have more and be better and instead offers a quiet and brilliant support tool in your back pocket at all times, cheering you on.

And you can start doing it, right now.

If life is feeling more overwhelming than ever and inspirational Pinterest quotes have stopped working then you are in the right place.

There has never been a better time to recognise yourself as you are, right now. To celebrate your individual story, be grateful for it and applaud how far you’ve come.

We consistently face the pressures of striving for ‘new/next/better’ and yet we don’t take the time to truly honour that today is where it’s at and all we have is right now. Self Celebration directly tackles this by celebrating the person you are now; not your future self or not the person you wish you could be.

It is about accepting, encouraging and empowering yourself in this moment. And you can celebrate who you are, anytime or any place and for any reason.

It is not bragging. It is not for anyone else. It’s not to put on social media (unless you really want to!) It is your own personal celebration of who you are and it can look however you want it to.

For details of all future Celebrate Yourself LIVE! events please subscribe to my excellent newsletter below!


Dress code: celebrate yourself! Wear the thing that you love most


  • It is celebrating who you are right now: not your future self and not the person you wish you were

  • Accepting and learning to love the parts of yourself you don’t like

  • Supporting you in any changes you want to make to your life

  • Working out what you love to do and doing it more

  • Your own personal celebration of yourself, as private as you like

  • A support tool for you to have with you at all times

  • A secret weapon to cheer you on


  • A loud, attention seeking declaration of how amazing you are

  • Proving you are better than someone else

  • Bragging

  • Being narcissistic, arrogant or mean

  • An excuse to do nothing/ not to try

  • Proving your worth to anyone else

  • Falsely celebrating e.g. Drinking a bottle of wine every night because you hate your job


  • Feeling present and calmer whether you are going to work, eating lunch, with your kids, out with your best friends or at home with Netflix

  • Finding and honouring the small wins in every single day

  • Being a lot kinder to yourself

  • Quieting that mean inner voice and its criticisms

  • Doing more of what makes you feel good

  • Good stuff you can pass on. A ripple effect enjoyed by those you care about the most.

  • Always being able to support yourself in some way even on the days that feel a bit wobbly

  • Being able to let the crappy stuff go and not let things ruin your day

  • Creating a bit more space in your life so you can process conversations and decisions that maybe once felt rushed or stressful

  • Generally feeling a bit more yourself


“You are excellent!! Thank you so much for being so generous and teaching me (and so many others) about this important practice of self-love!”

”Your words and tips on showing ourselves kindness and giving ourselves space to just be a bit more compassionate have meant a lot and have made me smile! I especially enjoyed the section about 'self worth' and ways in which we can show ourselves a bit more worthiness!”

“Thank you thank you! Incredible evening I’ve learnt so much and gained such perspective!”

“Such a fantastically receptive and charming bunch of people who took part and nothing but the highest praise for Sarah on sharing her own examples and engaging with her audience in such a warming and intimate way. Thank you!”

“Really enjoyed it thank you!”

“ was so nervous about attending it before but it was such a lovely and positive environment and just what I needed to hear. So thank you your words and advice have been so helpful, I’ve even found myself repeating tips to others. Starting to ask myself, what would Sarah do?”

“Thank you for your positivity and fantastic advice.”

“Thank you for this evening Sarah, it’s so easy to put ourselves down and I feel like you’ve given me the stepping stones to start accepting myself”


"Sarah is a fountain of life knowledge and was the person I instantly thought to reach out to first when I was having a slight early-life crisis, even though I had only properly met her a handful of times and I have a loving partner, as well as great friends and family! Sarah is a wonderful listener, gives stellar advice, a true professional and is quite simply a joy to be around." - Amy Lawrenson, Editorial Director, Clique/ Byrdie

“She's incredibly inspirational, totally natural up on stage and has a great sense of humour” - MADE.COM

“Ever since I heard Sarah explain to me some of her Self-Celebration techniques I have known this was something that I could see really working for me. I sometimes feel there are too many platitudes when it comes to ‘feeling better’ but with her approach I know Sarah is going to help us crack the code to go deeper in being kind to ourselves and feeling all the benefits”


Due to restrictions this event is over 18s only. Whether you are a student or a retiree, you will gain a wealth of understanding to apply to your life.

An event for all - however you identify when it comes to gender, sexuality, background or body type you are welcome and you will find the content of this evening helpful, fun and empowering.

It’s time for you to celebrate you! I don’t promise you a quick fix but I do promise if you apply my teachings you will create shifts in your life that allow you to live bolder and brighter with more self-belief and motivation, or your money back. No seriously, I will actually give you your money back.

As part of your ticket price you will receive full attendance to this event which includes two cocktail vouchers for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

You are more than welcome to come on your own so please don’t be afraid to! It will be and evening glorious evening of compassion, support and a tonne of celebration.

I can't wait to see you there!