“Sarah is extraordinary”

Doug and Simon, August 2018


On my own journey of celebration, I retrained to become an accredited wedding celebrant.

I write and perform beautiful, bespoke and joyful wedding ceremonies both in the UK and abroad. For information exclusively about weddings, please go to marriedbysarah.com.

I also believe that ceremonies can go beyond births, deaths and marriages.

My alternative bespoke ceremonies can recognise any occasion and mark any moment. Whether you are starting a brand new part of your life, been through something and come out of the other side or maybe you know someone else who really needs celebrating, there is a ceremony to fit.

Birthdays, milestones, new beginnings and the completion of any life event can be celebrated with a ceremony that is as unique as you are.

I have recently begun to conduct transgender naming ceremonies to mark the passing of one identity and the celebration of who you are now.

There is nothing more incredible than celebrating who you truly are and if there is a way of doing with a ceremony, then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Birthdays, namings, engagements, anniversaries, divorce parties, new business ventures, graduations, celebrations of health, corporate celebrations and parties.